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"We are advocating for the conservation of wildlife areas by building strong rural communities through social enterprise and development opportunities."



AkaAni NPC is a non Profit Organisation in South Africa and was foundet in 2019. In the local tsonga-language Aka'ani means: "we build together" ...and this is what founder, Claudia Schnell, is doing already since 2015. 

Together with her fantastic team - consisting mostly of members of the community - she helps with different outreach projects - where support is most needed. Due to a good network she and her team are in the know with regards to the needs, and how they can contribute best.

Our main Focus:



At the AkaAni Organic Farm & School we give in a 6 month program learnerships to women. Combined with lessons, they will learn how to start their own bussines and more...


Youth education & development

Our focus is to setup a technical hub where young people will get excess to pc's. We're planing to offer online courses through different platforms, to bring education to the youth.


Recycling & Conservation

Litter is still a big problem in the community. We create a recycle program and collection point to educate people about conservation and watermanagement.

Video Blog

The Oaks Village at AkaAni
"Happiness will be found along the path,
not at the end of the road..."

- unknown -

“When you live with poverty by your side,
it really crystalizes your purpose.” 

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