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Aka'Ani NPC -
South Africa

In June 2019 Aka'Ani NPC was founded in South Africa to supoort different projects in the area around Kruger Naional Park. The goal was to advocate for the conservation of wildlife areas by building strong rural communities through social enterprise and development opportunities. But Aka 'Ani NPC gives also support for minority groups like dissabled people and children with CP (cerebral palsy) and other handicaps.

The story behind Aka'Ani:

Shortly after my arrival in South Africa in 2007, I realized that a good, dry and clean apartment, electricity, water and food are not as self-evident as I have known them to be. And I learned that these things are not easily accessible and obtainable for everyone.


I wanted to help and make a change! In the 14 years here in South Africa I have met a lot of great people who often do not have an easy life, and some of these people have become good friends.

Aka'Ani NPC in South Africa works in close cooperation with AKANI-Suedafrika e.V. in Germany, to break through boundries and to make supporting easier. AKANI means in Xitsonga (Shangaan) "building together".

We belive that symbolizes the philosophy of our organisation in a good way.

Akani Südafrika e.V. -

In June 2019 Akani-Suedafrika e.v. was foundet in Germany, to support the South-African partner-organisation Aka'Ani NPC. The two foundations are working "hand in hand" and enable international donors to get activly involved into  South African projects supported by Aka'Ani NPC.

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